#1: The First Wave (William Hartnell)#2: The Wheel of Ice (Patrick Troughton)#3: The Scorchies (Jon Pertwee)#4: The Foe from the Future (Tom Baker)#5: The Tides of Time (Peter Davison)#6: "Sixy's Dozen" [The Curse of Davros, The Fourth Wall & The Wrong Doctors] (Colin Baker)#7: UNIT: Dominion (Sylvester McCoy)#8: Dark Eyes (Paul McGann)#9: The Night of the Doctor (Paul McGann & John Hurt)#10: The Beast of Babylon (Christopher Eccleston)#11: The Day of the Doctor (John Hurt, David Tennant & Matt Smith)#12: An Adventure in Space and Time (starring David Bradley)




Asylum of the DaleksDinosaurs on a SpaceshipThe Angels Take Manhattan"Secret Hurt: Preliminary Musings on the Fourth Ninth Doctor" [The Name of the Doctor]


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