Beep the Meep is back -

 and he's found a new

 channel for his

 aggression! A brand

 new series is about to

 make television

 history, but can the

 Doctor prevent his

 furry foe from

 turning a docu-drama

 into a crisis, or will

 the fluffy-wuffy

 animals get it in the

 neck? The first shots

 in the ratings war

 have been fired, and

 the next one is aimed

 at your head...


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The Ratings War








Listening to “The Ratings War” is an amusing way to spend half an hour. This story, available only on a CD given away with issue #313 of Doctor Who Magazine, serves as a nice little taster of what Big Finish have to offer in respect of Colin Baker’s Doctor.


Steve Lyons was tasked with throwing together this episode, and manages to create a short but interesting satire ridiculing Big Brother and all those other awful reality television shows that I personally cannot stand. “The Ratings War” also has a slightly bitter twist to it – there are lots of indiscreet digs at the BBC for cancelling Doctor Who (just like in Lyons' novel "Time of Your Life," which has much in common with this episode) – but the jibes are all done tastefully and in good humour and actually compliment the story quite well.


Toby Longworth is superb as ‘Beep the Meep', the innocent-looking but malevolent fluffy war criminal, and his sparring with the companionless Doctor makes for some light-hearted but nonetheless compelling entertainment.


At the end of the day “The Ratings War” is not going to win any awards for either best drama or for  innovation (much of the material is borrowed from Lyons' novel "Time of Your Life"), but for a magazine freebie it is hard to have any complaints!


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There is no guidance to assist in placing this story. The Doctor appears to be travelling alone, suggesting that these events occur following The Trial of a Time Lord, however even this is not certain as Old Sixy has been known to drop his companions off for a little respite on occasion. Given that the story features Beep the Meep, from the Doctor Who Magazine comic strip, we have – quite capriciously - placed it shortly after the Doctor’s second stint of adventures with comic strip companion Frobisher, between the Big Finish audio dramas The Holy Terror and Her Final Flight.


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