This story features a boy soldier, a granddaughter, an old man

and his enemy, and happens outside an old house long ago.


Featuring the first Doctor, Susan, and the Brigadier, this short story takes place prior to An Unearthly Child.






'Help us be whole,' its voice writhed. 'Make us unending.'


January 2037.

A new miracle drug, donepezil endochloride, is made available to practitioners specialising in dementia care.

The drug is the first medicine ever to effectively halt the progression of the disease.


February 2037.

In care homes across the country, a number of people with dementia die in extraordinary circumstances.

Post-mortem investigations suggest that in each case, something has burrowed its way out of their brains.


March 2037.

Isaac Foreman is brought the Shoreditch Respite Centre by his "grandchildren", Steven and Dodo.


April 2037.

Isaac Foreman disappears…


Featuring the first Doctor, this short story takes place between the TV stories The Ark and The Celestial Toymaker.






The TARDIS intercepts a distress signal and the Doctor feels obligated to investigate.

Tracing the call to a beautiful world, the Ship lands within a mysterious vessel, and soon

the Doctor, Steven and Dodo find themselves trapped in the sinister clutches of the Voord.

And to make matters worse, there is also another TARDIS on board the Voord ship -

a TARDIS with a Monk at its helm.


With Dodo and Steven held hostage inside the Monk's TARDIS,

the Doctor is forced to assist his fellow time traveller in completing a dangerous task.

But why has the Monk allied himself with the Voord? What is their bold, new intention?

And what is the strange object that lies at the bottom of the Ravine?

The answer to these questions leads the Doctor straight into a catastrophe

that hits closer to home than he ever thought possible…


Featuring the first Doctor, Steven, Dodo and the Monk, this novella takes place between the

TV stories The Gunfighters and The Savages, and after the novel Bunker Soldiers.






The Auton Invasion is over. UNIT is clearing out the shop window dummies.

Life continues as normal, for most people. The newly-regenerated Doctor, however, struggles to find purpose.


 Itching for action and a way to regain his lost memories, the Doctor,

accompanied by his new assistant, Liz Shaw, escapes Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart's

close watch and visits UNIT's Nestene recovery operation at Madame Tussauds'.


But the museum's curator has his own plans. Suddenly, the Doctor and Liz are kidnapped

and the museum is destroyed. While the Brigadier and UNIT scramble to find

answers, the Doctor finds himself at the mercy of someone who knows him of old.


Someone the Doctor no longer remembers. Someone who wants the TARDIS…


Featuring the third Doctor, Liz Shaw, UNIT and the War Chief, this novella takes place

between the TV stories Spearhead From Space and Doctor Who and the Silurians.






Featuring the third Doctor and Jo Grant, this whimsical double-drabble takes place

between the TV stories Carnival of Monsters and Frontier in Space.






Christmas Eve 1974.

The Doctor and UNIT's Christmas festivities are spoiled when the Master decides to crash the party.

But this time the villain wants to be caught...


January 1975.

The Master tells the Doctor and Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart of a chilling secret: the Daleks are coming!

The Master insists he can stop the invasion, but the Doctor has his suspicions.

Is the Master honestly trying to help his old enemies, or is he orchestrating a deeper plot?

Are the Daleks truly invading the Earth, or do they have an even darker agenda?

And who else wants the Master dead?

The final checkmate between two rivals is about to strike,

and this time not everyone will survive…


Featuring the third Doctor, Sarah Jane Smith, UNIT and the Master, this novella takes place

between the TV stories The Monster of Peladon and Planet of the Spiders.






While en route to Earth to answer the Brigadier's summons, the TARDIS falls through a time crack.


The Doctor, Sarah Jane, and Harry manage to arrive but discover the Earth has changed since their last visit.

A vast red sun drenches the skies in bloody light, creatures of fragmented glass roam feeding from solid seas of black algae, and old UNIT friends hide as refugees or mindlessly serve the planet's new ruler... a ruler who calls himself the Master. But what has caused this change in history? What force has shattered the sky? What are the Fractures and the fearsome Spire? What are the ailing Master's true ambitions?


And why is the Doctor to blame for his enemy's triumph?


Featuring the fourth Doctor, Sarah Jane Smith, Harry Sullivan, Mike Yates, UNIT, and the Master, this novella takes place between the TV stories Revenge of the Cybermen and Terror of the Zygons, and after the audio book The Killing Stone.






Summer 1976.

A series of inexplicable world-wide earthquakes and volcanic eruptions has put the planet on high alert.

Nowhere is safe. UNIT is desperate for answers.


Recalled to Earth, the Doctor and are Sarah Jane reunited with the Brigadier and UNIT who find themselves

working with the unlikeliest of allies in a quest to discover the cause of the ecological upheaval.


But when the Master returns and the Doctor disappears, Sarah Jane,

the Brigadier, and their friends find themselves stranded and helpless.


But how has the moribund Master gained such new and great power?

What is the ancient secret he seeks to uncover?


While the world bleeds and reality itself burns, this time the Master may at last

succeed in unleashing total chaos and destruction upon the cosmos… 


Featuring the fourth Doctor, Sarah Jane Smith, UNIT, and the Master, this novella takes place between the TV stories The Seeds of Doom and The Masque of Mandragora, and after the short story The Duke of Dominoes.






Fourteen people meet untimely deaths.

The police cannot explain them.


Fourteen people resume their daily lives.

The police are completely confounded.


Fourteen people disappear inside a battered, blue box

– and one indomitable police officer follows them.


Featuring the fifth Doctor and Nyssa, this one-part audio script takes place between the

TV stories Time-Flight and Arc of Infinity, and after the audio drama Plague of the Daleks.






Featuring the seventh Doctor, this short story takes place after Survival.






Featuring the eighth Doctor, this short story takes place after the TV Movie.






Featuring Richard E Grant's "nth" Doctor, this short story takes place after Scream of the Shalka.









'I'm regenerating! And I've been regenerating for the last six months of this bleeding war!'


The Time Lord Empire is set to fall.

A series of Dalek sneak attacks that defied the very

laws of time have decimated the empire's fighting forces.


And after the Doctor, upon whom many had pinned all their hopes,

returns from Arcadia a changed man, the sufferer of a failed regeneration,

even the Imperiatrix despairs, speaking to her people of retreat and ascension.


But the Time Lords' Celestial Intervention Agency is not prepared to give up

the fight just yet. Its newly-appointed head, Co-ordinator Babel, believes that

he has found a way to produce new, battle-ready troops as quickly as the Daleks can.


The answer lies in the Matrix, where Babel's 'Perfect Warriors' sleep…


Featuring the eighth and ninth Doctors, this

'snapshot adventure' takes place prior to Rose.






Featuring the eighth and ninth Doctors,

this short story takes place prior to Rose.






Sam Tyler had an accident and woke up in 1973.

He had no idea if he was mad, in a coma, or back in time.


No idea, that is, until the latest Doctor Who from the telly

climbed in through his bedroom window with a favour to ask...


Featuring Sam Tyler and Gene Hunt from Life on Mars, the Master, the Ogrons,

and the third and ninth Doctors, this crossover adventure takes place prior to Rose.






March 2006.

Brigadier-General Sir Alastair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart watches with the world as the UK government declares Earth's first interplanetary war. He also watches as a grinning man in a leather jacket enters 10 Downing Street, along with UNIT's top officers, to deal with the growing crisis. The next morning the UNIT officers are dead and an explosion has destroyed 10 Downing Street. Recalled into active service to officiate in the chaos, Lethbridge-Stewart receives a visit from the man he saw on the news; a man who knows him as 'the Brigadier'. A man with a new face…


Brought together by danger once again, the Doctor and the Brigadier, with their old friends John Benton

and Mike Yates, journey to London. Upon arrival at the bomb site, they discover the UNIT soldiers on guard are dead and that there are signs of life within the blast zone.


Could it be that Earth is not yet safe from the Slitheen?


Featuring the ninth Doctor and UNIT, this short

story takes place during World War Three.






In the aftermath of their encounter with the Dalek in 2012 Utah and their near-disastrous friendship with Adam at Satellite Five in the year 200,000, the Doctor decides to take Rose on what he calls 'a trip down memory lane'. After a whirlwind tour of the Doctor's past, Rose decides to ask him about the Time War. At first the Time Lord offers little information, as usual, but when his companion wonders if anything else could have survived the conflict, the Doctor risks a return glimpse; for if one Dalek could have survived the Time War, then so could its creator…


Featuring the ninth Doctor, Rose Tyler and Davros, this short story takes

place between the TV stories The Long Game and Father's Day.






After her harrowing experience with her father, Rose wanders the TARDIS Wardrobe Room looking for an image makeover. Suddenly the ship grows cold and a dark laughter echoes. Rose tries to escape her unseen attacker, but is drawn into the darkness…


Meanwhile, the Doctor also senses danger, and journeys to a forgotten corner of the TARDIS,

to the place where his friend has been taken, a place of darkness that he sealed long ago.


A place where someone hides, under the stairs…


Featuring the ninth Doctor, Rose Tyler and the Master, this short story

takes place between the TV stories Father's Day and The Empty Child.






The TARDIS lands at the Martian South Pole in the mid-35th century.

Upon exploring, Rose discovers strange creatures embedded in silver crystals on the walls.

When the creatures attack Rose and drag her beneath the ice surface, the Doctor and Jack race to find her,

only to be found first by a visiting troop of Ice Warriors. But it seems the Warriors have their own mission:

a scientific expedition to the South Pole has gone missing and there are reports of monsters hiding in the icy shadows.


Creatures of silver metal, and ones the Doctor knows of old…


Featuring the ninth Doctor, Rose Tyler, Captain Jack Harkness, the Ice Warriors and the Cybermen,

this two-part adventure takes place between the TV stories The Doctor Dances and Boom Town.






Featuring the ninth Doctor, Rose Tyler, Captain Jack Harkness and Iris Wildthyme,

this short story takes place between the TV stories The Doctor Dances and Boom Town.






Sarah Jane Smith is about to die alone, high above the Earth and in the cold of space.

But then she hears a sound he has not heard for many years, and one she never thought to hear again…


Featuring the ninth Doctor, Sarah Jane Smith and UNIT, this

short story takes place during The Parting of the Ways.






May 2009.

The world is in the throes of a financial crisis

the likes of which it hasn't seen since the 1930s.


But it shouldn't be; at least, not according to the Doctor,

whose knowledge of 21st century economics is, to quote him, 'brilliant.'


And so with Donna, Sylvia and Netty off enjoying a hard-earned spot of R&R,

the Doctor drags the unwilling Wilfred Mott off on quest to

find the real cause of the so-called 'Credit Crunch'.


And guess what? Turns out it was 'them aliens' again...


Featuring the tenth Doctor and Wilfred Mott, this short story

takes place shortly after the novel Beautiful Chaos.






The people of Nottingham celebrated when their sheriff fell from royal favour and was replaced.

But to their horror, they found that their sadistic new sheriff, De Retsam, was even worse.


De Retsam's actions don't seem to be motivated by greed or gluttony, but malevolence. Terrified

serfs whisper of his two black hearts and his sorcerer's “Cabinet of Infinite Majesty”. Villages

are burned on his whim, their people and plenteous produce along with them. But these fires do

more than just kill and amuse the sheriff; they take good men and forge from them monsters.


Having detected a temporal fluctuation in 1283, the Doctor pays a visit to the early 21st Century where

he intends to enlist the help of his old history student friend, June. Unfortunately for the Doctor though,

June is elsewhen adventuring – with him – and so instead he is lumbered with her two hopeless

housemates, Michael and Spadge, who are about to wake up from one of their infamous drunken

revels in the most outrageous place (and time) yet: Barnsdale Forest in the late 13th century.


Can two hungover students survive for more than ten minutes in the Middle Ages? And will

the Doctor unravel the mystery of De Retsam before one of history's greatest legends is

subverted? Or will the Doctor become the next legend with his head in the historical noose…?


Featuring the tenth Doctor and legendary outlaw Robin Hood, this MP3 audio book takes

place between the TV stories The Waters of Mars and The End of Time. It is performed

by James Bolton, a broadcaster at Rother FM, and features an original sound design.







"You show me where it's written that a legend can't have more than one face."


When the Doctor entered Nottingham Castle, he did so expecting to meet

a renegade from his own race, who had somehow managed to survive

despite overwhelming odds against. He didn't know how right he was.


Now, manacled and at the mercy of the sheriff's enthusiastic torturers, the

Doctor must face his most formidable foe to date – one whom he can

never hope to defeat, and from whom there can never be any escape.


As the Doctor faces the most personal of terrors, Spadge must find it in

himself to appeal to the good in the man who murdered his best friend,

and rouse the nascent champion within him. For this is the hour when

legends must be made, lest we lose all of history's heroes…


Featuring the Doctor, Spadge and Robin Hood, this MP3 audio book takes place between the TV

stories The Waters of Mars and The End of Time, and continues the story begun in Wolfshead.

It is performed by James Bolton, a broadcaster at Rother FM, and features an original sound design.













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