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the mantle of Big Finish’s Executive Producer, leaving him with insufficient time to personally pen its long-mooted sequel. As James Swallow was already writing Kingdom of Silver, a Doctor Who audio drama with some ties to Briggs’ nascent Cyberman 2, he was the obvious choice to step into the breach and script the series - and, as it turned out, an inspired one too...  






The final of this year’s seventh Doctor, Ace and Hex ad-ventures comes from the pen of Scottish scribbler Marty Ross, whose Companion Chronicle, Night’s Black Agents, notably bridged the gap between the sixth Doctor audio plays City of Spires and The Wreck of the Titan. Much like his earlier effort, Ross’s script is firmly rooted in literary sensibilities...







With the series’ budget being cut, this year’s money-sav-ing serial had to be even thriftier than ever, and so you’ve really got to admire the cleverness of The Empty Planet. With perf-ormers, sets and special effects all impinging upon an already tight budget, this two-parter eases the strain by telling a story carried almost entirely by the performances of its trio of teen characters. The Empty Planet is what...







Over the years I’ve come to expect big things from The Sarah Jane Adventures’ penultimate story of the season, and happily this two-parter continues the trend. Much like Gareth Roberts’ Trickster tales, Rupert Laight’s Lost in Time boasts a sense of scale and grandeur that manages to surpass even that of the season finale. With our three heroes each journeying to the past to recover pieces of a dangerous temporal...







Erstwhile Doctor Who Magazine editor Clayton Hick-man and his writing partner, Gareth Roberts, have a number of popular Doctor Who audio dramas to their name, each of which is notorious for its rampant comedy. And, true to form, their script for the final serial of The Sarah Jane Adventures’ fourth season provides their trademark mixture of mirth and madness, but this time there’s plenty of melancholy on offer too...






Siempre resulta estimulante cuando un autor (o bien una autora en este caso) demuestra su arte mediante un concepto extraordinario, a diferencia de los que simplemente cambien o desarrollen una idea genérica ya existente – y Historia 101 por Mags L Halliday es indudablemente una obra que destaca por su singularidad. Dicha novela irregular enfoca una parte partic-ular de la guerra civil española desde varios puntos de...





I’m not in the least bit surprised that Camera Obscura is such a revered novel in Doctor Who circles. It borrows elements from televised stories the calibre of The Evil of the Daleks, The Talons of Weng-Chiang and especially City of Death, fuses th-em with one of the most alluring and incisive...








If there’s a single element of The Sarah Jane Advent-ures that holds it back from attaining the appeal of its parent show, Doctor Who, it’s that it is forever rooted to one place and one time. Except for once every couple of years, when we are treated to a slice of teatime time-travelling adventure. You’d ex-pect that getting Sarah Jane and company back in time would require immensely contrived plot twisting. Not so - Sarah, Clyde and Rani pop along to an antiques shop to investigate a bogus report of alien sightings, and are summarily...







Never let your girlfriend join you when you’re watching something like The Sarah Jane Adventures. Really, she’ll only take the piss. Yes, so there’s some ridiculously over-the-top act-ing, and yes, so theres some painfully trite moralising, and yes, some of the dialogue can be pretty awful. There’s a lot of grat-uitous gunge as well. But it’s a kid’s programme, and you have to watch it through a child’s eyes, especially if you’re...







series and Doctor Who’s heavily-promoted fortieth anniversary, Big Finish began to flood the market with all manner of spin-offs series, each exploring a popular aspect of Doctor Who mythology with the kid gloves off. The fact that this practise not only continues to this day, but does so on an even greater scale, probably says a lot more about the qualities of series such as Cyberman than I’m likely to here. Still…  






Maggie Stables is enjoying something of a Big Finish renaissance at the moment. Having heard nothing from her character since May 2008s Assassin in the Limelight, this autumn has seen her play a pivotal role in the seventh Doctor audio drama A Death in the Family, as well as carry her very own Wild West adventure...






Steve Lyons is an author whose work invariably impress-es me, and The Crooked World is amongst his finest offerings. Its controversial cartoon wraparound cover may have put off as many readers as it enticed, but for me it belied the depths that lied within, luring me into a familiar, animated vista and then turning all the safeties off. The results were both terrifying...






Mark Clapham’s Hope is a compact little novel that pac-ks quite a punch. Having co-authored the Bernice Summerfield novel Beige Planet Mars with Lance Parkin and the earlier eig-hth Doctor book The Taking of Planet 5 with Simon Boucher-Jones, Clapham’s first solo effort strips away all the abstruse accoutrements that turned some readers away...





Jonathan Morris is one of my preferred Doctor Who writers. His many scripts for Big Finish Productions have each been with laden with wit and worry in equal measure, and his earlier novel, Festival of Death, is generally regarded as being one of BBC Books’ finest offerings. Anachrophobia...





With heavyweight tomes the like of Just War and Father Time to his name, it’s easy to forget that Lance Parkin has also authored one of the Whoniverse’s most rollicking yarns – Tr-ading Futures. Abounding with high-octane action, mordant humour and even a few self-referential jibes, this...





It’s rare to find a new Doctor Who novelist that rolls up with the gumption that Paul Ebbs did in May 2002 with his Book of the Still. The novels cover and blurb concisely capture the enthralling eccentricity of its central concept, and once insi-de the reader is faced with a story that opens with...






Unlike Doctor Who’s two subsequent stage plays, The Curse of the Daleks was in danger of being forgotten by fan-dom prior its Big Finish resurrection. Having only enjoyed a few weeks’ run at London’s Wyndham Theatre in December 1965 and January 1966, this Doctorless matinée piece was not surv-ived by any photographs. Even tracking down David Whitaker and Terry Nation’s script...








On New Year’s Day 2007, The Sarah Jane Adventures began with Invasion of the Bane, an hour-long special episode. The show featured the Doctor’s most popular former comp-anion, along with her adoptive son Luke, their young friends Maria and Kelsey, super-computer Mr Smith, and even K-9, who promised to make the occasional future cameo. How things change. Kelsey didn’t...






The task of writing the 1975/76 run’s final serial fell to Robert Banks Stewart, who had so successfully scripted the season’s opening story, Terror of the Zygons, shot at the end of the series’ twelfth recording block. Banks’ action-packed six-parter was entitled The Seeds of Doom and, in true Philip Hinc-hcliffe and Robert Holmes...














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