SARAH JANE SMITH (Elisabeth Sladen) is well acquainted with saving the world. An old friend of the Doctor, Sarah Jane has travelled the universe, tackling monsters and fighting alien foes all the way. Her travelling days may be behind her, but as a journalist with a nose for trouble, Sarah Jane often finds herself on amazing adventures closer to home. With the help of her adopted son, his friends, and the alien computer Mr Smith, she must defend the Earth from alien threats... (© BBC Website)









K-9 and Company: A Girl's Best FriendDowntimeSarah Jane Smith: ComebackSarah Jane Smith: The Tao ConnectionSarah Jane Smith: Test of NerveSarah Jane Smith: Ghost TownSarah Jane Smith: Mirror, Signal, ManoeuvreSarah Jane Smith: Buried SecretsSarah Jane Smith: Snow BlindSarah Jane Smith: Fatal ConsequencesSarah Jane Smith: DreamlandInvasion of the BaneRevenge of the SlitheenEye of the GorgonWarriors of KudlakWhatever Happenned to Sarah Jane?The Lost BoyThe Last SontaranThe Day of the ClownSecrets of the StarsThe Mark of the BeserkerThe Temptation of Sarah Jane SmithEnemy of the BaneFrom Raxacoricofallapatorius with LovePrisoner of the JudoonThe Mad Woman in the Attic The Wedding of Sarah Jane SmithThe Eternity TrapMona Lisa's RevengeThe Gift The Nightmare ManThe Vault of SecretsThe Death of the DoctorThe Empty PlanetLost in TimeGoodbye, Sarah Jane Smith


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