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Matt Smith (2010 to ?)

Doctor Who The Eleventh Doctor Reviews

David Tennant (2005 to 2010)

  Doctor Who The Tenth Doctor Reviews

Christopher Eccleston (2005)

Doctor Who The Ninth Doctor Reviews


Paul McGann (1996)

  Doctor Who The Eighth Doctor Reviews

Sylvester McCoy (1987 to 1996)

  Doctor Who The Seventh Doctor Reviews

Colin Baker (1984 to 1986)

  Doctor Who The Sixth Doctor Reviews

Peter Davison (1981 to 1984)

 Doctor Who The Fifth Doctor Reviews

Tom Baker (1974 to 1981)

  Doctor Who The Fourth Doctor Reviews

Jon Pertwee (1970 to 1974)

  Doctor Who The Third Doctor Reviews

Patrick Troughton (1966 to 1969)

 Doctor Who The Second Doctor Reviews

William Hartnell (1963 to 1966)

Doctor Who The First Doctor Reviews


Starring Geoffrey Bayldon, David Warner, David Collings, Michael Jayston, Sir Derek Jacobi, Arabella Weir, Richard E Grant, & Trevor Martin

Doctor Who Unbound Reviews






Starring John Barrowman & Eve Myles

Torchwood Reviews


Starring Elisabeth Sladen

The Sarah Jane Adventures Reviews


 Starring Elisabeth Sladen and John Leeson     Starring John Leeson

K-9 Television Series Reviews


Starring Lisa Bowerman

Bernice Summerfield Reviews


Starring Sarah Mowat, Mark McDonnell, Gareth Thomas, David Tennant & Noel Clarke

Dalek Empire Reviews


Starring Lalla Ward & Louise Jameson

Gallifrey Reviews


Created by Daniel O'Mahony

Time Hunter Reviews


Starring Siri O'Neal, Nicholas Deal, David Tennant & Nicholas Courtney

UNIT Reviews


Starring Mark McDonnell, Hannah Smith, Sarah Mowat & Barnaby Edwards

Cyberman Reviews


Starring Katy Manning

Iris Wildthyme Reviews


Starring Terry Molloy

I, Davros Review


Starring Julian Wadham and Lauren Crace

The Minister of Chance Review


Created by Lawrence Miles

Faction Paradox Review


Love and War Novel and 2012 Big Finish Audio Drama Adaptation Review


The Ambassadors of Death DVD Review




 Vengeance on Varos Special Edition DVD Review


The Face of Evil DVD Review


Planet of Giants DVD Review


The Daemons DVD Review / The Dæmons DVD Review


The Greatest Show in the Galaxy DVD Review


Doctor Who The Sensorites DVD Review


Doctor Who The Sun Makers DVD Review


Doctor Who Colony in Space DVD Review




Doctor Who The Krotons DVD Review



Doctor Who Shada Book Novelisation Review





Doctor Who Revisitations 3 DVD Review     The Robots of Death DVD Review


Doctor Who Death to the Daleks DVD Review


Doctor Who Revisitations 3 DVD Review       The Tomb of the Cybermen DVD Review



Doctor Who Revisitations 3 DVD Review        The Three Doctors Special Edition DVD Review


Doctor Who Day of the Daleks DVD Review



Doctor Who Ace Adventures DVD Review      The Happiness Patrol DVD Review


Doctor Who Ace Adventures DVD Review     Dragonfire DVD Review


Doctor Who UNIT Files DVD Review   The Android Invasion DVD Review


Doctor Who UNIT Files DVD Review     Invasion of the Dinosaurs DVD Review








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